Best Web Hosting Reviews 2019

As a team, we help you review all the features of the best hosting companies. Let you add to favorites this webpage and follow the updates in order to review these hosting companies which have been used by thousands of persons and have different features from each other and low costs through only a web site.

 Just Host


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 IX Web


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There are many properties to be taken into consideration while making a choice of hosting providing web sites to be available. Due to misinformation, you may carry out an inadvisable purchasing not conforming with your web site and to be able to damage financially. Thus, we have specified the points to take into consideration for you whilst buying Hosting;

best-hosting1- Platform: Hosting platform is divided as Windows and Linux. Initially, if the software that you desire to run in your web site is PHP, you should select Linux; if it is Hosting, asp or, you should select Windows Hosting.

2- Disk Space: One of the most important factors in selection of Hosting is hosting space. Hosting space is width of field in which the writing, video and pictures that you will use in your web sites are saved. While creating a web site, it is unnecessary to get more area, needed by the site

3- Bandwidth: Depends on number of users to login in your site. The more content of site, the more your web site’s traffic increases correspondingly. While making this choice, it should be estimated the target audience of site and monthly traffic correspondingly, the selection of site should be made accordingly.

4- Database: Is the area where the relational data are stored. Whenever the site is opened, the content is extracted from this database; and thus, both waste of time is prevented and creating of data is properly provided. The types of database including in Hosting packets are divided as MySQL and MsSQL. Whilst you are selecting database, you should select the database in compliance with the software of your web site.

5- E-mail: Use of E-mail is an important issue for many web site users. It should be paid attention that how many e-mails can be opened when buying hosting packets.

6- Location for Server: Location of user that you have purchased is one of points to take into consideration while selecting hosting.

7- Uptime: Uptime, as a Word, can be defined as uptime and online time. Namely, this is a statement about interruption rate of service rendered by your server or hosting provider. Pay attention to be higher of uptime rating of your Server.

8- Server Security: For your website safety, a firewall should be available against spam, virus and DDOS attacks.

9- Support: Whilst selecting hosting, the quality of company should remain in the forefront. Solutions should be produced against the problems that you will encounter 7/24.

10- Refundment Guarantee: Unless you are not satisfied from the service, you should work with hosting companies to be able to pay your money.

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